Catholic Blind Services

Welcome to our website. We hope you will find what you are looking for, and if not then please let us know and we will do our best to help.

The mission of Catholic Blind Services (CBS) is to enable blind and visually impaired people, to live out their Christian vocation based on Gospel values and the teachings of the Church, and to assist the Church in her ministry of evangelisation and mission.

CBS exists solely on donations and volunteer help. If you can offer help and support, please get in touch.

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Let us #PrayTogether for educational institutions, schools and universities in particular, that they might be transparent, active, welcoming, responsible communities, in a fruitful climate of cooperation, exchange and dialogue, valuing each and every person. #LaudatoSi7

In Christ, true God and true man, our humanity has been brought to God. Christ opened the path for us. He attracts us to himself and leads us to God. If we entrust our lives to him we are certain to be in the hands of our Saviour. #AscensionOfTheLord

Rich in wisdom and humour, #elderly people do so much good for the young! They save young people from the temptation of a knowledge of the world that is sad and devoid of the wisdom of life. #BlessingOfTime @LaityFamilyLife @PontAcadLife

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